Lakeland Septic Services

Homes and businesses in Lakeland, Florida, count on Lakeland Septic Company to keep their septic systems running safely and correctly.

Here are some of the ways we can help you.
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An Experienced Team

Lakeland Septic has been in business for more than 15 years. We’re a licensed Florida state septic contractor that understands the septic permitting process and how to comply with all state and local codes that apply to septic systems.

For any type of project and every size of job, our crew does all the work. We never subcontract to outside septic providers. When you work with us, you’ll have one point of contact from beginning to end.

We respond quickly to emergencies and know how to solve problems the right way.

Septic Tank Service Lakeland

A lot of minor and major septic system problems can be avoided by having your tank pumped out regularly. Every three to five years works for most types of systems.

Our Lakeland septic crew will thoroughly clean out your septic tank and help you avoid:

  • Sinks and tubs backing up with sewage
  • Toilets that flush slowly or not at all
  • Strong sewage odors inside and outside your home
  • Soggy grass and ground near your septic tank and drain field
  • Leaks within the septic system
  • Various types of damage and malfunction throughout the system

In addition to pumping, we provide a full range of septic tank repair services as well as new tank installations.

Drain Field Service

A drain field is connected to the septic tank and receives liquids from it. The liquids are processed in the field and sent into the adjacent soil.

We provide drain field repair services when the field has been damaged by:

  • Heavy vehicles driving or parking over it
  • Invading tree roots
  • Excess sludge and grease that have escaped the septic tank and gotten into the drain field

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We also install replacement drain fields and first-time fields when a property is being developed.

Lift Station Pump Service

Some of our Lakeland customers require lift station pumps for their septic systems. These devices push sewage from a lower elevation to higher ground and are needed when the installation area isn’t sloped in the right direction.

Lakeland Septic repairs all types of lift stations, whether or not our company installed them. We also provide complete lift station installation and maintenance services.

Commercial Septic Services

We offer commercial septic services for facilities throughout our area of Florida. Call us first for:

  • Septic tank repair, pumping and installation
  • Drain field repair and installation
  • Lift station repair and installation

We’ll keep the septic system at your business running smoothly so you can keep running at your best.

Septic Inspections

Our experienced septic inspectors can troubleshoot problems, evaluate a septic installation site and recommend exactly what is needed to get your septic system back into top shape.

A licensed septic inspection is designed to spot early signs of trouble, allowing you to solve problems before extensive and expensive issues occur.

Along with standard residential and commercial inspections, we provide real estate septic inspections for both buyers and sellers.

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