Commercial Installation

Businesses in the greater Lakeland, Florida, region have relied on Lakeland Septic Company for more than 15 years to install and service their septic systems. We specialize in commercial septic system installations of all sizes and types, customized to the needs of your facility.

soil grading before installing commercial septic system in Lakeland & Bartow FL

2 Reasons for Commercial Septic Installation

Our customers trust us to install their new septic systems when:

  1. An old system must be replaced
  2. A first septic system is needed for a newly developed property

In both cases, we make the process as seamless as possible and keep you thoroughly informed before, during and after the project.

Site Evaluation

After preliminary discussions to learn about your goals and needs with your installation, we’ll evaluate your property. We’re not only looking for an area that’s of suitable size to contain the septic tank and drain field; we’re also looking at:

  • The grade of the land
  • The quality of the soil
  • Nearby tree and foliage roots
  • The amount of heavy traffic a potential installation space may receive after the work is done

Commercial septic installations involve a lot more than just digging a hole and installing a septic tank. We cover all the bases above and many others to ensure that your new septic system performs up to expectations.

commercial septic tank & drain field installation in Mulberry & Winter Haven FL


Our septic installation crew will handle all permitting for the job. Both state and local entities have set down a number of codes and regulations that govern the installation of commercial septic systems. We’ll make sure that due diligence is done.

We’ll also make sure that all of our work is in perfect compliance with those codes and regulations.

Septic System Capacity

If you’re replacing an old septic system with a new one, we’ll talk with you about how the capacity of the previous tank worked for you. If this will be a first-time septic install, we’ll consider:

  • The size of your facility
  • The number of sinks, toilets and tubs
  • The projected volume of people working in or visiting your facility
  • The number of daily/weekly hours there will be activity inside the facility

This data will help us recommend the optimal septic tank size. A tank that’s too small for your needs will require pumping too frequently; a tank that’s too large is a waste of your money.

The Installation

Before work starts, we’ll tell you how long the installation will take and help you prepare for any temporary disruptions.

All commercial septic systems include a septic tank and a drain field. The tank receives drainage from the facility and separates liquids and solids. Liquids move on to the connected drain field, where they’re processed and sent into adjacent soil. Solids remain in the tank and must be periodically pumped out.

If your land is on a grade that makes it difficult to get the effluent from your drains into and through the septic system, we’ll install a lift station pump.

commercial septic tank installation service in Polk City & Auburndale FL

Call Your Florida Experts for Commercial Septic System Installation

If you’re looking into having a new or replacement septic system installed at your commercial facility, Lakeland Septic is standing by to help. We’re a Florida state licensed septic contractor with the experience you need to get the job done right.

Speak with a septic expert today at (863) 738-0504 or reach out through our simple contact form.