Drain Field Inspections

Are you having problems with the drain field at your Lakeland-area home? Is there some kind of septic system problem, but you’re not sure if it’s centered on the drain field? Is your drain field more than 25 or 30 years old? In all these cases, scheduling a drain field inspection should be your first step.

Lakeland Septic Company has inspected, repaired and installed quality drain fields for more than 15 years. We’re a licensed septic contractor that cares about you and your property. And we know drain fields inside and out.

Drain field inspections available in Winter Haven & Auburndale FL

Drain Fields 101

A drain field is a series of perforated pipes installed near your septic tank. The drain field receives liquid waste from the tank and then filters it into soil adjacent to the field.

Drain fields can become damaged in several ways, which we’ll talk about below.

Do You Need a Drain Field Inspection?

Drain field issues usually present several clues, including:

  • Soggy sections of grass above or near the drain field
  • Extra-vibrant grass growing over the drain field but nowhere else in your yard
  • The smell of raw sewage filling the air around the drain field

Inspecting Your Drain Field

A professional drain field inspection is called for if you notice any of the signs above. When the Lakeland Septic crew performs the inspection, we want to answer four important questions:

  1. Is the problem actually with the drain field and not another part of your septic system?

Odors in the yard can also happen because of a leak or backup within the septic tank. Only a proper inspection will tell us where the odors are coming from. Additionally, soggy patches of grass can be due to septic tank leaks.

  1. Why does the problem exist?

While our drain field inspection team will identify the specific damage in a drain field, we always like to know what caused it. Common causes of drain field damage and malfunction include:

  • Heavy vehicles driving over or parking on top of the drain field
  • Tree roots and the roots of other foliage invading the field
  • Greasy substances entering the field from the septic tank

By knowing the cause of the problem, we’ll be able to instruct you on how to keep it from happening again in the future.

  1. Can the drain field be saved, or should a new drain field be installed?

Getting the answer to this question is a very important part of a licensed drain field inspection. If the drain field can be repaired, that’s what we’ll recommend. We will never just go in and tell you that you need to have a whole new drain field installed if it’s not absolutely necessary.

Drain field inspections available in Bartow & Mulberry FL
  1. If the drain field can be repaired, what work will be required?

Our inspectors are also trained drain field repair technicians. They’ll be able to explain to you what kind of repair work will be necessary to restore safety and functionality to your drain field. Before any work begins, you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen.


Professional drain field inspections available in Bartow & Winter Haven FL

Lakeland Drain Field Inspections

Lakeland Septic is standing by to help with all your septic system needs, from drain field inspection and repair to septic tank pumping, lift station repair and complete septic system installations.

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