Lift Station Repair

Lift station pumps are key components for septic systems that require sewage to flow from a lower level to a higher level. How septic systems should work is that waste from a home’s toilets and drains would enter the septic tank and then flow naturally downhill to the drain field. In our area of Florida, the land grade sometimes won’t allow this to happen.

Lakeland Septic Company has helped our customers keep their lift stations in top shape for more than 15 years. We provide licensed lift station pump repairs, inspections, maintenance and complete installations to replace a failing lift station or as part of a first-time septic system.

Lift station pump repairs available in Auburndale & Winter Haven FL

Signs of a Septic System Problem

Trouble with lift stations and other septic system components usually leaves clues. Watch for:

  • Multiple sinks and tubs backing up with sewage
  • Toilets that flush sluggishly or overflow
  • Strong odors inside your home or outside it near the septic tank or drain field
  • Soggy patches of grass or ground above or close to the septic system

Extra-lush grass and foliage growing in the area of the septic system.

Lift Station Inspections

Lift stations are installed with alarms that let you know when something is amiss; however, alarms aren’t substitutes for periodic inspections.

A thorough lift station inspection should always be performed before initiating repair work. We also recommend inspections even when everything seems to be running correctly.

After we’ve worked on your septic system, we can suggest an optimal schedule for septic inspections and septic pumping. This schedule will be based on the type of system you have and how much water and sewage it is normally asked to handle.

What Can Go Wrong with a Lift Station?

Knowing how a lift station works, you can see why it’s important to address issues quickly. If ignored, problems with a lift station pump can lead to septic backups and damage to various parts of the larger septic system.

There are two primary concerns that signal the need for lift station pump repair.

  1. The pump is leaking

Leaks in a lift station pump are often caused by major shifts in the surrounding soil and by heavy vehicles being driven over it or parked on top of it.

When a lift station pump is misaligned with other parts of the septic system or becomes cracked and damaged, problems can spread to other areas of your septic system.

  1. Pump Failure

As with all mechanical devices, lift station pumps eventually lose their ability to do their jobs efficiently. Pump failure can cause sewage backups in your home, odors inside and outside your home and certain types of septic system damage.

Lakeland Septic provides the right lift station pump repair service to get your system back into peak condition.

Lift station pump repairs available in Mulberry & Polk City FL
New lift station pump installations in Polk City & Lakeland FL

Call Your Lakeland Lift Station Repair Experts

When you suspect there’s trouble with your lift station, Lakeland Septic Company is ready to solve the problem. We’re a state-licensed septic contractor with the tools and experience to quickly resolve any issues with your lift station and other parts of your septic system.

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