Residential Installation

If it’s time to replace an old septic tank at your property or if you’re developing a new property and need a first-time septic tank installed, there are a few things you’ll want to know before getting started.

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Lakeland Septic Company of Lakeland, FL, is known throughout our region as the go-to team for septic system installations of all sizes and configurations. We’d like to share a little helpful information about the septic installation process.

First, Go with Experience

When we started our company more than 15 years ago, we did it with the customer in mind. We didn’t like a lot of the practices we saw in the septic industry, and we wanted to change all that by raising the bar and setting a new, higher standard.

Today, we run with a full crew of skilled technicians, and every one of them knows what it means to wear the Lakeland Septic uniform: it means the highest level of customer service, the fastest response times and workmanship that is simply unmatched in the septic industry.

If you live in our service area, we would be happy to help you with your septic tank installation. If you live outside our area, we encourage you to select your septic contractor with care and find the very best one you can.

The Septic Tank Installation Process

People schedule septic tank installations for several reasons:

  • The current tank is old and needing too many repairs
  • The current tank is no longer large enough to handle the home’s drain system
  • A new property is being developed and needs a septic system

We won’t bog you down with excessive technical details, but in brief, a septic tank receives waste and water from a home, stores the solids and then sends liquids to an adjacent drain field.

Most modern septic tanks have grease traps, filters and baffles to protect the system. Some tanks employ a lift station to force effluent from a lower elevation to a higher elevation.

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Tank Installation Considerations

Numerous considerations and tasks are involved in a proper septic tank installation. Here are some of them.

The right tank size: We’ll consult with you and learn about how many people are in your home in order to recommend the ideal septic tank size. A tank that’s too small will require pumping too often; a tank that’s too large is a waste of money.

Selecting the right site for the tank: We want to place the tank so that it’s reasonably close to the dwelling and allows access for service personnel in the future.

Installing in a safe area: This means an area where dangerous invading roots from trees and shrubbery won’t harm the tank or the system.

Soil evaluation: We make sure the soil is appropriate to hold the tank. We can make soil modifications if necessary.

Avoiding traffic: Septic tanks should be placed in an area that won’t be subject to heavy vehicles or machinery driving over them.


Professional Septic Installation

We hope this general overview has given you an idea of what goes into a home septic tank installation and why it’s important to have the work done by professional, skilled technicians. Our years of experience in the septic industry make us the ones to call for all of your septic needs.

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