Drain Field Replacement & Repair In Lakeland, FL

Are you experiencing trouble with your Lakeland drain field? This part of a septic system is vulnerable and periodically needs repair work. In certain cases, a complete or partial drain field replacement is necessary.

Drain field installation in Lakeland, FLLakeland Septic has been working on area drain fields for more than 15 years. Here are a few things you’ll want to know about these critical parts of a well-built septic system.

What Does a Drain Field Do?

Drain fields throughout the Lakeland region in Florida serve their adjacent septic systems by receiving liquid waste, processing it and then sending it into nearby soil. Solids remain back in the septic tank, where they are pumped out by a licensed septic provider.

The operation of a drain field is fairly simple. When something goes wrong with it, it becomes very un-simple and needs quick attention.

Causes of Drain Field Trouble in Lakeland, FL

The need for drain field repair or drain field replacement often begins with damage to parts of the field. This damage can be caused by:

  • Trucks, cars or machinery driving over the field
  • Building heavy things right on top of the drain field
  • Major clogs caused by grease and fats that have escaped the septic tank
  • Invading roots from nearby trees and shrubbery – this is a common reason why drain field replacement becomes necessary

Keep an Eye on Your Lakeland Drain Field

While professional drain field inspections will uncover specific issues within the field, there are things you can watch for that will clue you in to a problem, often before it becomes major. Look for:

  • Soggy ground and grass above the drain field
  • Lush, green grass or foliage growing only in the vicinity of the drain field or septic tank
  • h2 sewage odors in the air around the drain field and possibly inside your home
  • Drains within the home running slowly or backing up
  • Toilets or drains overflowing

The signs above don’t always point to a drain field problem. Often, issues with other parts of the septic system can cause these problems. This is why inspections are so important.

Lakeland Drain Field Inspections

We provide licensed septic system and drain field inspections to determine exactly what’s going wrong and the best way to fix it. For drain fields, minor damage can often be solved through basic drain field repair work. Extensive damage may require a complete or partial drain field replacement. Either way, you’ll know what you’re dealing with because we’ll map it out for you in clear language.

septic drain field installation in Lakeland FL

New Drain Field Installations

In addition to replacing damaged drain fields, our crew also installs drain fields for new properties. If you’re building a new home in Lakeland, we’ll customize your entire septic system to serve you efficiently year after year with minimal maintenance and headaches. All our work complies with septic codes as set forth by the State of Florida and local jurisdictions.

Call the Lakeland Experts for Drain Field Replacement & Drain Field Repair

Our experienced crew is standing by to help with all your drain field needs. We offer quick response to emergencies and customer-oriented service that has made us #1 in the Lakeland region. If your drain field is acting up, call us at (863) 738-0504, or reach out with our contact form.