Septic Tank Installation

Looking at it from the outside, installing a septic tank seems like a pretty basic and straightforward job. But as any septic technician will tell you, a lot more goes into the project than is immediately obvious. This is why it pays to have your new septic tank installed by professionals.

Lakeland Septic Company of Lakeland, FL, has been installing quality septic tanks throughout the Lakeland region for more than 15 years. Here’s how we approach this important project.

The Proper Septic Tank Size

Before a site for the tank is chosen and before the first load of soil is removed, the first thing we do is determine the right tank size for your property and dwelling.

Septic tanks aren’t one-size-fits-all deals, and it’s critical to select the right size before installation work begins. The primary factor in choosing the tank size is how much it will be used; that is, how many people will regularly be in your home using the sinks, tubs and toilets.

Tank sizes are determined by the state code, based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms. In some circumstances if the water use in the home is abnormally high a larger tank may be recommended.

The Meaning of Choosing The Right Septic Tank

Obviously, the more usage, the larger the tank needs to be. If a tank is too small, it will still work when installed correctly, but it will need to be pumped out a lot more often. If the tank is too large, you’ll be paying for capacity you don’t need.

Lakeland Septic always works closely with our customers to help them decide on the perfect septic tank size to accommodate the needs of their

Septic installation in Lakeland & Bartow Florida

The Location for the New Septic Tank

There are many factors to consider when choosing the location of a septic tank:

• Proximity to the house (ideally, closer is better)
• The type of soil we’ll be digging through
• Nearby trees and shrubbery, whose roots could affect the performance of the tank over time
• How accessible the tank will be for septic technicians in the future
• Sufficient land area to install the adjacent drain field
• The grade of the land between the dwelling and the septic system

Lift Station Pumps

Not all land is flat, and not all homes are built in a place where there’s a convenient downward flow to the septic tank.

A key part of septic tank installation is determining if the waste and water leaving the home will need help getting to the tank and the drain field. If the dwelling is at a lower level than the projected area for the tank (think gravity), a lift station will be needed to push the wastewater to the tank and drain field.

Septic installation in Mulberry & Auburndale Florida

Call Septic Tank Installation Experts

There are more particulars involved in installing a septic tank at your home or business, and fortunately, the experts at Lakeland Septic have years of hands-on experience with every one of them.

Reach a septic expert today at (863) 738-0504 or get in touch with our simple contact form.