Septic Pumping In Lakeland, FL

With several million septic tanks in Florida and many throughout the Lakeland region, septic tank pumping is a big job that’s designed to keep all those tanks flowing and working properly.

Septic tank pumping & cleaning available in Lakeland, FLLakeland Septic does its part to help our area customers with necessary tank cleaning and maintenance. Here’s a little about how the septic pumping process works.

Septic Tank Pumping in Lakeland

Regular septic pumping is a key part of smart septic system maintenance. If you fail to keep your tank pumped out, backups and other very irritating and possibly dangerous problems can occur.

The tank at your Lakeland home should be pumped approximately every five years. It could be more or less, depending on the size of the tank and how much you use the drains in your home. We’ll suggest a proper septic tank pumping schedule based on tank size and drain usage.

The Septic Tank Cleaning Process

For every septic pumping job, our team rises to the “Lakeland Septic Standard.” This means no errors and no corner-cutting. We do jobs right the first time to bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your septic tank is clean and ready to serve you.

Here’s what happens during a typical septic tank pumping job:

  • We locate and access the tank.
  • Commercial-grade machinery is used to remove sludge from the tank.
  • The walls and surfaces of the tank are thoroughly washed.
  • We inspect the tank, looking for damage that needs repair.
  • When finished, we replace the tank lid, securing it with screws or mortar.

Signs that Your Tank Is Too Full


If you smell raw sewage in your home or outside near the tank, it may mean that the tank is too full. This is often the first sign that septic tank pumping is needed.

Slow Drains

Slow drains and toilets throughout your Haines City home tell you there’s a problem with your septic tank. The solution likely is a thorough cleaning.

Visible Sewage

An overfull tank will cause sewage to spill back into the home. You may see signs of this in your drains and toilets.

Backups & Overflows

Toilets and sinks that backup and overflow are clear signs of the need for septic pumping.

Damp Ground

If you step in wet patches of grass near your septic system and it hasn’t just rained, your tank may be full beyond capacity.

Lush Grass

Brilliant grass growing above the septic tank is likely a sign of a full tank or another problem in the system.

Lift Station Alarm Engaging

This alarm tells you there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Quality septic company available to schedule in Lakeland, FLHire an Experienced Team

Lakeland Septic brings 15+ years’ experience to septic tank pumping and other professional septic services. Our crews are fully trained to know how to solve problems and do the work correctly and in compliance with state and local codes.

Along with tank cleaning, we provide:

  • Repair work for all parts and components of your Lakeland septic system. This includes the drain field, drainage piping, lift station, lift station motor and more.
  • Licensed septic system inspections to uncover early signs of malfunction and to diagnose complex problems so we can implement the right solutions.

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