Septic 101

Because septic tanks are buried below ground, they’re often “out of sight, out of mind” – until something goes wrong. A good understanding of your septic tank can help you be aware of problems and take the right steps to keep the tank performing at its peak.

septic system cleaning in Lakeland and Polk City FloridaLakeland Septic Company of Lakeland, FL, would like to give you an overview of septic tanks that includes how they work, how to use them and the value of periodic septic inspections.

Using Your Septic Tank

Quality Septic of Lakeland provides a full menu of septic services, including septic inspections, septic system repairs and complete installations of new systems. The main thing you can do to ensure that your septic system runs safely and efficiently is to schedule service when needed.

This service includes:

• Periodic inspections to spot early signs of damage or malfunction.
• Tank pumping on an appropriate schedule.
• Repairs or the replacement of parts when problems arise.

Three ways to prevent major damage to your septic tank:

1. Never park heavy vehicles or machinery on the ground above the tank.
2. Don’t construct buildings or dwellings on top of the tank.
3. Avoid planting trees or shrubbery over the tank or near it.

Septic Tanks 101

A septic tank is designed to receive waste and water from a home’s drain system, which includes sinks, tubs and toilets. “Good” bacteria inside the tank help break down solids. Wastewater above the solids is then sent to a connected drain field, where it is treated and then released into adjacent ground.

Septic tanks should have a grease trap, which blocks incoming greasy substances that could harm parts of the septic system. Most systems have important filters and baffles to keep solids from leaving the tank. Some septic systems include a lift station to force sewage from a lower elevation on the property to a higher elevation.


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What To Flush:

• Normal bodily waste
• Septic-system-approved bathroom tissue
• Water that comes from your pipes and plumbing system

Follow this rule of thumb, and your septic tank and system will thank you for it.

What Not To Flush:

• Paper towels
• Cooking oil or grease
• Bleach or Anti-Bacterial Soaps
• Feminine hygiene items
• Coffee grounds
• Dental floss
• Cigarette or cigar butts
• Food
• Diapers
• Cat litter
• Paint or paint thinner

The Value of Septic Tank Inspections

If you’re buying a new home or can’t remember the last time your septic tank was inspected, now is the time to schedule this service. The Lakeland Septic crew has been inspecting septic tanks for more than 15 years, and we know how to spot even obscure issues that could turn into major, expensive problems.

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Prompt, Courteous Septic Tank Service

When it’s time to have your septic tank pumped, inspected or repaired, we’re standing by to help with fast response times and industry-leading customer care. Speak with a Lakeland Septic Company expert today at (863) 738-0504 or use our handy contact form.