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Lakeland homeowners have trusted Lakeland Septic Company for more than 15 years to maintain, clean, repair and install their septic tanks and septic systems. residential septic system installation & septic pumping in Bartow & Mulberry FLKeeping your septic system running efficiently and safely requires having an experienced septic contractor to perform various services when they become necessary. We’d like to give you an outline of what our Lakeland residential septic services include.

Septic Tank Pumping

Having your septic tank pumped out on an appropriate schedule can help you avoid many of the above-mentioned problems. We recommend tank cleaning every three to five years for most residential septic systems.

Pumping out the tank involves several tasks:

  • Locating the tank and gaining access
  • Using commercial-grade equipment to remove waste from the tank
  • Cleaning the tank’s walls and filters
  • Cleaning the grease trap
  • Inspecting the drain field, piping and other parts of your residential septic system
  • Restoring the area when the work is done
  • Disposing of the effluent we’ve collected in a manner that’s lawful and environmentally responsible

Emergency Septic Situations

A lot of the calls we get are from people who have obvious problems with their septic systems. They know something’s wrong, and they know we’re the crew with fast response times and the experience to solve any issue.

You may experience some of these problems, too:

  • Drains throughout the house running slowly
  • Toilets that won’t flush right or back up
  • Strong sewage odors in your home or outside near the tank
  • Soggy patches of ground above or near the septic tank
  • Lush green grass and foliage above the tank but nowhere else

These are all signs that your septic tank needs to be looked at.

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Septic System Inspections

Your Lakeland septic system should be inspected periodically. Basic safety and performance septic inspections are the best way to stay on top of things and get issues resolved before serious problems occur.

We provide basic inspections as well as real estate septic inspections. If you’re looking to buy a home with a septic system, it’s a smart idea to have us look over the system before you seal the deal. We’ll tell you the condition of the tank, drain field, lift station pump and other parts, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Septic System Repairs

Modern septic systems contain many parts and components, all of which are subject to wear and tear over time. Whether or not our crew installed your system, we understand it backwards and forwards and can make repairs to every part of the system.

Often, repair work requires quite a bit of troubleshooting. A residential septic system may appear to be pretty basic, but it can become quite complex at the technical level.

It takes years of hands-on experience to be able to work through all the possible causes of certain types of septic problems and make the right diagnosis. If the wrong diagnosis is made, the homeowner will simply be throwing money down the drain, no pun intended. We won’t let that happen.

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When your septic system is running smoothly, all is well. When it’s acting up, you need a friendly professional who responds quickly to your needs. That’s what Lakeland Septic Company is all about.

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