Drain Field Repair

Have you been noticing strong sewage odors on your property? Is the grass in certain sections of your yard soggy or extra-lush? If so, you may be experiencing a problem with your drain field.

Lakeland Septic Company brings more than 15 years’ experience to drain field repair. We know how to keep drain fields running smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re new to the use of septic systems or just want to brush up on your knowledge, here’s some helpful information about drain fields.

Damaged drain field repairs available in Bartow & Mulberry FL

The Purpose of a Drain Field

A drain field is a part of a residential or commercial septic system. In simple terms, it’s a series of long, perforated pipes installed near the septic tank and fairly close to the ground’s surface.

The drain field receives liquid waste from the connected septic tank. The liquid flows through the drain field and is gradually and safely released into adjacent soil.

That’s how a drain field works when it works the way it should. When it’s not working the way it should, drain field repair and inspection should be scheduled.

How Drain Fields Become Damaged

A common cause of drain field damage is something above ground crushing parts of the underground field.

When Lakeland Septic installs drain fields, we always warn our customers to avoid driving vehicles over the drain field or parking any kind of heavy equipment on top of it.

If the drain field’s pipes become crushed, leaks can begin and the entire septic system process will no longer function as intended. Note that pipes may also be damaged by invading roots from trees or other nearby foliage.

Another common reason for drain field repair is when solid waste or grease has escaped the septic tank and caused clogs in parts of the drain field.

Spotting Problems with Your Drain Field

We touched on signs of drain field problems at the top of this page. Let’s recap. Signs that indicate trouble with your drain field include:

  • Strong sewage odors that are impossible to miss in the area of the drain field. (Note that sewage odors inside your home may point to an issue with the septic tank.)
  • Soggy patches of grass or dirt in the vicinity of your drain field.
  • Super-green grass or other lush foliage growing above or near the drain field.

If you notice any of these signs, schedule a proper septic system inspection and then the necessary drain field repair. We can do both jobs for you.

Who Should Perform Drain Field Repairs?

Only a licensed septic service professional or crew should be allowed to work on your drain field. Drain field repair requires an understanding of not just the components of the drain field but also the entire septic system, which includes the septic tank, drainage pipes, filters, baffles and possibly a lift station pump.

The Lakeland Septic team is fully trained to repair your drain field and get it working correctly again, whether or not we were the ones who installed it.

Drain field repairs available in Winter Haven & Auburndale, FL
Damaged drain field repairs available in Bartow & Mulberry FL

Fast Response for Drain Field Repair

Lakeland Septic prides itself on fast response to our customers’ needs. We take drain field repair very seriously and know that the longer a problem is allowed to continue, the more likely extensive damage will happen.

For drain field repair or any other septic service, call your local septic experts at (863) 738-0504. You can also get in touch with our simple contact form.