Common Septic Issues

A well-built and properly installed septic system should give you many years of service with few, if any, problems. However, things will eventually go wrong with even the best systems, and these issues need to be addressed promptly. Neglect of the system can lead to a variety of unpleasant issues.

On the other hand, certain problems that may seem to be septic-related could actually be problems with other systems in your home.

If all this sounds confusing, Lakeland Septic Company is here to simplify it.

common septic, drain field, & lift station pump issues

Home Problems that Mimic Septic Problems

A sink that drains slowly: A sluggish sink drain could point to a septic issue, but it also may point to a problem with just that drain. If all the drains in the house are slow, your septic tank may need pumping or other service. If only one drain is slow, something may be obstructing it.

Unusual smells around the toilet: Septic system backups can cause strong odors around toilets. So can the deterioration of a toilet’s wax rings. Providing there are no other tell-tale septic problem symptoms, have the rings checked first.

Toilets that flush slowly or back up: Many plumbers make their livings unclogging toilets – both sewer-connected and septic-connected. While an over-full septic tank can cause toilets to act up, the problem may be a blockage in the toilet’s plumbing.

Bad smells in the house: Septic system trouble can lead to foul odors inside your home, but so can deteriorated plumbing pipes. This is especially true with older homes whose pipes have never been upgraded.

Soggy ground outside: A septic tank or drain field leak can send liquids up to the ground surface. If this is what’s happening, it could be a very serious problem. But this is Florida, where it rains a lot. Before you panic, make sure the dampness isn’t just from a recent rain.

common problems with septic tanks

Common Septic System Problems

Trouble with a septic system can cause all of the problems mentioned above and more. You can schedule an inspection if you want to rule out septic causes. A plumbing inspector can also help when you’re not sure why a problem exists. To recap, here are some common septic problems:

• All drains in the house running slowly or backing up
• All toilets in the house flushing slowly or backing up
• All tubs in the house draining slowly or backing up
• Strong sewage odors spreading throughout your home
• Strong sewage odors outdoors near the septic tank or drain field
• Lush green grass or foliage growing only over parts of the septic system
• Standing water or dampness above or near the septic system
• Lift station alarm going off

While many of these signs could point to other things, they can all point to issues with the septic tank, drain field, lift station pump or other components. We recommend starting your investigation with a septic inspection and then moving on to plumbers and other professionals, if necessary.

common problems for your septic system

Solve Your Septic Problems the Right Way

Lakeland Septic has been solving septic problems throughout the greater Lakeland, FL, region for more than 15 years. We provide complete septic tank pumping services, inspections and diagnostics, septic repair and full septic system installations. Whatever’s wrong, we know how to make it right.

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