Real Estate Inspections

Are you looking at buying a home or property that has a septic system? If so, it’s important that you know the condition of the system and how well it’s working before you buy.

Lakeland Septic Company provides professional real estate septic system inspections throughout the greater Lakeland, Florida, region. We understand how all septic systems work, and we can quickly tell you if the one at your new home is not up to speed.

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The typical home inspection isn’t exactly what you’d call “through” when it comes to septic systems. It’s not uncommon for the home inspector to simply flush a couple of toilets, run some water in a sink and walk through the yard looking for wet spots. These are things any homeowner can do.

When you’re preparing for possibly the biggest purchase of your life, you want complete answers. That’s why we recommend scheduling a real estate septic system inspection before you sign any papers.

What Happens During a Septic Inspection?

Real estate septic inspections are designed to give you a clear understanding of the state of the system.

• We pump the septic tank completely to better inspect the floors and walls.
• We locate and size the tank and drain field.
• If the system is equipped with an effluent filter, we clean it.
• We run a metered stress test so we can see how the system takes water (see below).
• We provide you with a clear written report of our findings.
• As always, we educate you on the components of your septic system and the best ways to maintain and care for it.

real estate septic inspection & hydraulic load test in Mulberry & Winter Haven FL

It Pays to Have Your Septic System Inspected

Whether you’re in the process of buying a new home or are already living with a working septic system, it’s smart to schedule regular inspections. In a real estate deal, it’s doubly smart.

One of the worst phone calls we receive is from a new homeowner who says, “My Realtor told me the home was on sewer!” when, in fact, it was on a septic system. Another troubling call tells us, “The previous homeowner said the tank was just pumped!” when, in fact, the tank is about to overflow.

Hydraulic Load Test

As part of our real estate septic system inspections, we run a stress test known as a hydraulic load test. Using a gallons meter, we test the system with the proper amount of water that the home would normally use. This is one of the best ways to gauge the precise health and condition of the system.

Many of our competitors don’t offer this additional inspection procedure. We wouldn’t do a real estate septic inspection without it because it would mean leaving a major stone unturned.

We don’t like getting these calls, and you certainly won’t enjoy making them. You should always have your own septic inspection performed when buying a new home – don’t rely on the standard “home inspection.” No matter what the current homeowner says, a thorough inspection can catch issues before they cause serious problems and cost you thousands of dollars.

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