Lift Station Service

Does your property include a septic system with a lift station pump that’s damaged or showing signs of failure? Are you planning to develop a new property that will require a lift station as part of its septic system?

For more than 15 years, Lakeland Septic Company has been helping our Florida business customers keep their lift station pumps running smoothly and efficiently. We provide lift station installation, inspection, repair and maintenance services for business facilities throughout the greater Lakeland region.

Lift Stations 101

Septic systems are needed at properties that aren’t served by a sewer system. When those properties feature uneven land grades, a lift station pump is the only way to force drainage and sewage from a building to its final destination, the drain field.

Modern lift stations include an alarm, a ventilation system, an odor-control system, a main power supply and other components.

Lift station installation, repair, and inspection available in Bartow & Winter Haven FL

Lift Station Installation

If your current lift station pump can no longer be repaired, it’s time to have a new one installed. Our installation team will consult with you and perform a thorough inspection of your land, soil and existing septic system.

Before work begins, you’ll know exactly why we recommend installing a new lift station, how your facility will be impacted during the installation, and how much the project will cost.

We follow the same approach for first-time lift station installations on newly developed property.

Lakeland Lift Station Inspections

Whether or not you’re having trouble with your existing lift station, it should be inspected periodically by licensed septic professionals. Because the lift station at a property is entirely underground, you can’t know exactly what’s happening with it until clues like those listed above appear.

Timely inspections will alert you to early signs of wear, damage and malfunction. This will allow you to schedule repair work quickly, before trouble becomes major.

Lift Station Repair

Lift stations can fail or become damaged for several reasons, including:

  • Heavy vehicles or machinery driving on top of them
  • Soil around the station shifting and causing misalignment
  • Construction performed above the lift station
  • Failure of the mechanical pump
  • Old age

Septic systems present pretty clear signs when something’s wrong with them. Most of the time, however, you won’t be able to tell exactly what part of the system is having problems. If you notice any of the signs listed below, the first step should be a thorough inspection.

  • Many sinks (not just one) backing up with sewage
  • Toilets that won’t flush efficiently or overflow
  • Sewage leaking above the septic system outside your facility
  • Lush grass and foliage growing over the septic tank or drain field but nowhere else
  • Strong sewage odors inside your facility or outside near the septic system

Our licensed crews can make necessary lift station repairs to get the component back into top shape. All our work is performed in compliance with Lakeland area and State of Florida codes for building and safety.

In addition, Lakeland Septic does not subcontract any part of any job. We’re your one point of contact from start to finish.

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Lift Station Service for Lakeland-area

Trust our experienced technicians to keep your septic system running smoothly and efficiently with lift station repair and inspection services. When it’s time for a new lift station installation, we’re ready to help.

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