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Sump Pump Repair Lakeland, Fl

Lakeland Septic Company is your choice for any lift station or sump pump issues you may be having.

Some areas of the county require an above ground drain field, in these cases you will have a sump pump on your septic system. These are a mechanical part and will go out and stop working on occasion. If this is your situation we can help!

For our residential jobs we use the top of the line brand of pumps to ensure they will last our customers for years down the line with no problems. All of our sump pump replacements come with a warranty as well. We can diagnose and repair any lift station.

Do you have a lift station at your business? We are also highly trained to diagnose commercial lift stations and all the components that go along with them.

With commercial lift stations there can be a number of things that can cause them to not operate properly. It is not always the pump, it can be something electronic inside of the control panel to cause your issue.

We can quickly find the problem and get your business flowing again ASAP!

Visit the Florida Department of Health for additional information


Lakeland Septic Company is leading the way for the next generation of septic companies.

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Lakeland FL, Mulberry FL, Auburndale FL, Bartow FL, Winter Haven FL, Polk CIty FL, Plant City FL, Valrico FL, Dover FL and the rest of Polk and East Hillsborough Counties.

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E-mail and phones are 24/7 to schedule a service or answer your questions.

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