Commercial Lift Station Services

Commercial facilities that use septic systems and sit on unlevel land usually need a lift station pump to keep their systems running safely and efficiently. Lift stations take over when gravity isn’t available to do the job.

Lakeland Septic Company has provided commercial lift station service for more than 15 years for business facilities in the Lakeland, Florida, region. Here’s some information that will be helpful to you.

Commercial lift station problems and repairs in Polk City & Auburndale FL

Commercial Lift Station Problems

Three of the most common reasons for failure in commercial lift stations are:

Cracked pipes: If the pipes that serve the lift station become cracked or otherwise damaged, septic system backups are likely to occur.

Lift station motor issues: When a lift station motor fails, the entire pumping process stops and sewage begins to back up.

Alignment problems: Soil shifting around the lift station can cause it to become misaligned and unable to work as it was designed to.

Signs to Watch for with Your Commercial Lift Station

You can’t see your lift station, but you can be aware of the warning signs of trouble. Watch for:

  • All the sink and tub drains in your facility running slowly or backing up
  • Toilets that overflow or flush weakly
  • The smell of sewage inside your facility or outside around the septic system
  • Soggy patches of ground above or near the system
  • Extra-beautiful grass and foliage growing only in the area of the septic tank or drain field

(Note that if a single sink, tub or toilet is not working well, the problem may be with just that fixture. When the septic system is at fault, you’ll notice issues.)

Lift station installation, repair, and inspection available in Bartow & Winter Haven FL

Lift Station Repairs & Pump Replacements

We offer our business customers a full range of lift station repair services. The first step is a thorough inspection to determine exactly what has happened, why it happened and how extensive the problem is.

Once we know what’s going on, we’ll consult with you and give our recommendation on how to resolve the issue. Often, repair work will be sufficient; in other cases, we’ll recommend that we replace the lift station pump.

No matter the scope of your commercial lift station project, we do all the work ourselves. We never subcontract any part of any job. Additionally, our crews will handle whatever permitting may be required, and we perform all work in strict compliance with state and local codes.

Lakeland Septic responds quickly to commercial lift station emergencies. We’re a state-licensed septic contractor with the experience needed to solve any problem with your lift station or other part of your septic system.

Lift Station Maintenance

After we’ve serviced your lift station or other parts of your commercial septic system, we’ll suggest a schedule for maintenance and safety inspections. Having your system checked out periodically by our experienced technicians is the best way to prevent major damage and business shutdowns.

commercial lift station repairs and maintenance in Bartow & Mulberry FL

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