Lift Station Installation

For some homeowners and people building new homes in the greater Lakeland, Florida, region, a local sewer system isn’t available. That means a septic system is required. A lot of the land in our area is relatively flat and doesn’t support a gravity-fed septic system, in which drainage from the home always flows downhill.

When the drainage needs a little help to get through the septic tank and into the adjacent drain field, a lift station pump is the solution. Here are a few points you might find helpful.

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What Is a Lift Station Pump?

Lift station pumps are components that connect to a modern septic system to move waste through it. Lift stations include a ventilation system, an alarm, a system to control odors, and a power supply. When working correctly, the lift station pumps liquid waste out of the septic tank when the liquid reaches a certain level.

Lift Station Inspections

It’s important to note that before we even get close to recommending a complete lift station installation, we’ll thoroughly inspect your current lift station to determine if basic repairs are a viable option.

If we discover that a new installation is required, we’ll explain in simple language why we suggest it and let you know exactly what will happen during the project and how much it will cost.

When Do You Need a Lift Station Installation?

As indicated below, there are two reasons to look into lift station installation services:

When your current lift station is failing and can no longer be repaired (usually due to major damage or old age)

There are several ways for a lift station to become damaged:

  • Heavy vehicles driving over it
  • Heavy construction on the ground above it
  • Shifting of the soil or soil alterations around the lift station
  • Some other problem within the septic system

Older lift stations often need frequent repairs, which can be costly; eventually, they’ll no longer be able to do their jobs.

When you’re building a new home that needs a septic system that can’t rely solely on gravity

Lakeland Septic installs septic systems and lift stations for our customers. We’ll inspect your land and its grade and soil and recommend the optimal placement for the system.

Our lift station installations are completed in strict compliance with all state and local codes. We do every bit of the work ourselves – we never subcontract anything.

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Lift Station Pump Installation Is a Job for Professionals

Lift stations are not simple components and must be installed correctly. It will pay you now and in the long run to hire only a licensed septic contractor to add or replace a lift station on your property.

Lakeland Septic Company is guided by exceedingly high standards for workmanship and customer service. Our field crews are thoroughly trained and have proven their expertise time and again across all types of septic system repair and installation projects.

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If it’s time to add a new lift station pump to your septic system, Lakeland Septic is ready to help. Lakeland Septic Company has installed top-quality lift station pumps – and entire septic systems – for more than 15 years.

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