Residential Lift Station Services

Lakeland Septic Company offers complete lift station services to ensure that this important component of your septic system runs smoothly, safely and efficiently. For more than 15 years, we’ve provided the very best in lift station pump installations, inspections, repairs and maintenance for our residential customers.

Are you noticing problems with your septic system? Are you not sure if the problems are related to the lift station or another part of the system? Does your lift station pump alarm keep going off and you want to know why? For these and other concerns, we provide fast, courteous service to diagnose and resolve any lift station issue.

Lift station repairs & installation available in Lakeland & Winter Haven FL

Quick Lift Station Overview

Without getting overly technical, a lift station pump is a component that forces sewage and drainage from a home or business facility through the septic system. Lift stations are installed when natural gravity isn’t enough to push the waste through to its final destination, the drain field.

If your land grade is sloped and the septic system rises away from your building, it would be impossible to manage the drainage without a lift station. But with one, your septic tank automatically begins to empty when it reaches a specified level, and the liquid waste is sent on its way.

Lift Station Inspections

Before doing any type of repair or installation work, our crew will inspect your lift station to determine exactly what’s going on. Periodic inspections – whether or not you’re noticing problems – are an important part of good septic system maintenance.

Lift Station Repairs

Lakeland Septic can perform all needed repairs for your residential lift station. A septic inspection will tell us if the problem is being caused by a leak within the lift station, a failing pump or trouble in another area.

Watch for these signs that could point to a lift station issue:

  • Multiple sinks and tubs backing up or draining slowly
  • Multiple toilets not flushing efficiently or overflowing
  • Wet patches of ground above or near your septic system
  • Extra-healthy grass over or around the system
  • Strong sewage odors inside or outside your home

Residential Lift Station Installation

Our installation team brings years of field-tested experience to every lift station installation project. Not only do we know all types of lift stations inside and out, but we’re intimately familiar with all the code requirements pertaining to this work as set forth by the State of Florida and your local city government.

Lakeland Septic is a licensed Florida septic contractor that’s fully insured for your protection. All septic services we provide are done only by our crews – we never subcontract any part of any job. We replace old, damaged lift stations and install first-time stations for new construction.

Septic repairs, installations & inspections available in the Lakeland area

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If your lift station needs to be inspected or repaired, or if you want to know more about having a new one installed at your home, Lakeland Septic is ready to help.

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