Commercial Grease Traps

It’s critical to have the grease trap at your business facility cleaned often. The purpose of the trap is to keep grease, fats and oils from entering the primary septic system or the city or county sewer system for most restaurants.

Maintaining a clean grease trap is an easy way to prevent a very bad situation for your business and save you a lot of money on septic system repairs.

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Lakeland Septic Company of Florida has been helping our customers clean and maintain their grease traps for more than 15 years.

Grease Traps Help to Prevent Clogging & Backups

Septic systems aren’t designed to handle large amounts of fats, oils and grease. When a commercial grease trap isn’t cleaned regularly, this gunk can cause sewage backups and other serious problems.

System-wide Damage

The purpose of a septic system is to receive drainage from a facility’s sinks, tubs and toilets and then process the waste. This is done by separating the liquids and solids in the tank and then sending the liquids on to the drain field, where they’re eventually moved into adjacent soil.

Greasy compounds block the flow. Very heavy grease buildups can cause a septic system to basically stop working. When this happens, parts and components of the system may suffer damage, and effluent can start backing up into the facility or leaking into the ground.

Commercial Grease Trap Maintenance

Lakeland Septic recommends regular cleaning of your commercial grease trap. After we’ve performed service for you, we’ll recommend a suitable grease trap cleaning and maintenance schedule.

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What Happens During Grease Trap Cleaning?

When we perform commercial grease trap cleaning, we approach the job the right way.

  • We thoroughly scrape and power-clean grease and other debris from the grease trap
  • We take extra time and care to remove hardened grease and deposits
  • When the work is done, we will dispose of the waste
  • During the visit, our technician will give you tips on keeping your grease trap in excellent shape

Lakeland Septic also offers better services to reduce buildup in your drainage lines.

Commercial Grease Trap Repairs & Installation

Along with cleaning, we offer complete commercial grease trap repair and installation services. We repair malfunctioning grease traps and other parts of the septic system that have been affected by grease trap issues.

Our own crew handles all services – we never use subcontractors. Our commercial septic work complies with all state and local septic codes. Lakeland Septic is a licensed Florida septic contractor that’s fully insured.

Grease Trap Inspections

Part of our work for our Lakeland-area business customers involves inspecting their grease traps and all other parts of their septic systems. Often, common septic problems may be thought to be caused by a clogged grease trap when they’re actually the result of trouble elsewhere in the system. An inspection will tell us exactly what’s happening and what needs to be done about it.

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