Commercial Septic Repairs

The septic system at your Lakeland-area business facility is critical to your ongoing success. It may not seem that way when everything is running well, but when septic problems arise, you could be facing business slowdowns and even temporary shutdowns.

Lakeland Septic Company provides complete commercial septic system repairs and inspections designed to keep you open and going full speed ahead. We’re a licensed Florida septic contractor with more than 15 years’ experience helping our business customers keep the septic part of their operation running safely, correctly and predictably.

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Your Facility’s Septic System

You don’t have to understand your septic system as well as we do to know how important it is to your daily operation. The typical system includes several parts and components:

Septic tank: Where all the waste from your facility’s drainage system is sent

Drain field: The part of the septic system that processes liquids from the tank and sends them into adjacent soil

Filters, baffles and grease traps: Protective components that keep your system healthy

Lift station pump: A device that forces sewage to move efficiently through a septic system that’s built on an uneven land grade

Over time, these and other parts of your system may require commercial septic system repairs. That’s when to call us.

What Causes Septic System Damage?

Our repair technicians have seen just about every type of damage imaginable. Here are some common reasons a commercial septic system will need to be repaired:

  • commercial septic repair in Lakeland FLA neglected, over-full septic tank that pushes solids into the drain field
  • The introduction into the system of inappropriate items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, grease and oils, cigarette butts and cleaning chemicals
  • Invasive tree and shrubbery roots
  • A failed lift station pump
  • Vehicle traffic driving over the septic tank or drain field
  • Construction taking place on top of the septic system

Emergency Commercial Septic System Repairs

No matter what kind of business you run, it can be slowed down or stopped by septic emergencies. Lakeland Septic Company prides itself on quick emergency response and the experience needed to resolve problems safely and correctly.

Although your company’s septic system is underground and basically “invisible,” when problems begin, you’ll usually know about them pretty fast. Watch for:

  • Multiple sink and tub drains running slowly or backing up
  • Toilets that don’t flush efficiently or overflow
  • Sewage odors indoors or outdoors
  • Soggy patches of grass or ground above your septic tank and drain field
  • The lift station alarm going off
  • Unusually lush grass and foliage growing near the septic system
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Repairs for Every Septic Problem

No matter what’s wrong with your commercial septic system, our licensed repair technicians know how to resolve it. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and give you a report of our findings. We’ll tell you exactly what’s causing the problem, how extensive it is and how much it will cost to have it repaired. Call (863) 738-0504 or reach out with our handy contact form.