Mandated Nitrogen-Reduction ATU Systems

Beginning in July 2023, the State of Florida, pursuant to House Bill 1379, began requiring certain properties within the blue-shaded areas of the map below to install nitrogen-reducing septic systems instead of traditional septic systems.

ATU system installation in Plant City, FLLakeland Septic of Lakeland, FL, would like to cover how this new law could affect you and tell you about some of the benefits of ATU systems.

What Is an ATU System?

The official name for the system is “enhanced nutrient-reducing/nitrogen-reducing onsite sewage treatment and disposal system.” It can also be called a “nitrogen-reduction aerobic treatment unit.” For our purposes here, we’re going to go with “aerobic treatment unit,” or “ATU system” for short.

An ATU system handles sewage similarly to a traditional septic system, but with one major difference: it significantly reduces the amount nitrogen that enters area soil and groundwater by as much as 75%.

This is the reason for the state’s mandate: to reduce the level of nitrogen-dense sewage that exits septic drain fields in parts of Florida where waterbodies are failing to meet state water-quality standards.

Who Is Required to Install an ATU System?

Properties in the blue-shaded area of the attached map are required to install ATUs as part of new home construction and, in some cases, when replacing an existing standard septic system.

Properties on which the new system must be installed include lots less than one acre in size.

The Systems We Install

Our septic team is certified to install two of the top-rated ATU systems on the market:

The Delta ECOPOD Advanced Wastewater Treatment Unit from Infiltrator & The CE7 from FujiClean USA

ATU system installation available in Haines City & Lakeland FL

Delta ECOPOD Advanced Wastewater Treatment Unit

  • System sizes are available to treat between 500 and 1,500 gallons per day.
  • Highly efficient oxygen infiltration leads to significant reductions in BOD, TSS, fecal coliforms and nutrients in the wastewater.
  • Simple installation with no moving parts within the tank.
  • Meets all Florida state mandates for septic system replacements.

ATU System installation in Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL


  • Produces a consistent effluent quality with a pollutant-removal ratio of approximately 95%.
  • Treats up to 700 gallons per day.
  • Operates at 39 decibels, which is “library quiet.”
  • Meets all Florida state mandates for septic system replacements.

How Does It Work?

It works by infusing the liquid effluent inside the tank with compressed air, which causes existing bacteria to thrive and more efficiently break down and digest the wastewater. This is how the reduction of nitrogen is achieved.

ATU system installation in Lakeland, Auburndale & Haines CIty, FLRequirements for Maintaining an ATU System

Yes. The state requires two maintenance visits per year from an authorized service individual or company. Lakeland Septic is one of those companies, serving the greater Lakeland, FL, region. We clean, inspect, and repair ATU systems, and we also install them.

Lakeland Septic Is Here to Help

If you live in an area and have a property size where an ATU system is required when building a home or replacing a standard septic system, Lakeland Septic is here to help.

We’ll tell you more about the new systems and their benefits and go over our installation process with you. Remember, the State of Florida has required ATU systems on designated properties since July 2023. We’ll help you do everything right and ensure that your installation is 100% in compliance with state and local codes.

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