Lift Station Services In Lakeland, FL

If your home or business sits on unlevel ground and uses a septic system, it likely involves a lift station to push drainage away from the facility and into the septic tank and drain field. For more than 15 years, Lakeland Septic has provided lift station service for our customers in the greater Lakeland, FL, region, performing licensed repairs to damaged stations and installing new ones.

Lift station installation in Lakeland, FLHow Lift Stations Work

Lift stations are pumping devices that cause effluent leaving the home to channel efficiently into the septic tank and then finally into the drain field. Without a lift station pump, there would be no way to use septic service at a home or business where the facility is on a lower land grade than the septic system’s components.

Lift station service in Lakeland involves repair work, replacement of old lift stations and installation for new homes and businesses.

Lift Station Service Basics

Various things can go wrong with a lift station, signaling the need for professional lift station service. Common issues surround the:

  • Motor that runs the pump
  • Odor-control and ventilation systems
  • Pump float and pump alarm
  • Main power supply and control panel

When we service lift stations for our Lakeland customers, we listen as you explain what you’re experiencing. We then inspect the lift station and the entire septic system. This inspection will tell us:

  1. Where the problem is centered
  2. What, exactly, the problem is
  3. Why the problem is happening
  4. The right way to repair the problem
  5. How to prevent the problem from recurring

Lift station repair, installation and more in Lakeland, FLCommon Causes of Damage to Lakeland Lift Stations

Several things can cause damage to a lift station and signal the need for professional lift station service.

Pump failure: A broken or worn-out pump mechanism is a common reason for lift station malfunction.

Heavy construction: When things are built on the ground over the lift station, the soil around the station can shift and cause parts of the station to be damaged.

Vehicles: Driving heavy cars, trucks or machinery over the lift station often damages it.

Misalignment: The natural shifting of soil that supports the lift station can lead to misalignment and a variety of problems.

Old age: Eventually, all lift stations will need to be replaced.

How We Approach Lift Station Service in Lakeland

Following an inspection, our licensed technicians will tell you exactly what we found, why it’s happening and how it should be fixed. We’ll let you know what to expect during the work in terms of any disruption to your home or business schedule. Finally, we’ll tell you specifically what the project will cost.

Lakeland Septic performs all work in compliance with Florida state and local septic codes and regulations. We do projects right the first time, and we never use subcontractors.

Lift station installation and repair in Lakeland, FL

Watch for These Signs of Lift Station Damage

You can often spot early signs of lift station and general septic system damage. Be on the lookout for:

  • Sinks and toilets throughout the home backing up or running slowly
  • Strong sewage odors in the area around the lift station or inside the home or business
  • Damp sections of grass above or near the lift station
  • Extra-green grass or foliage growing in the vicinity of the septic tank

Lift Station Service in Lakeland FL

If your lift station is acting up or you’re noticing any of the signs we outlined above, speak with a septic expert by calling (863) 738-0504. You can also reach out with our contact form. Lakeland Septic provides fast response to emergencies and a level of customer service that’s unmatched in our industry.