Septic Pumping In Winter Haven, FL

More than 2.5 million septic tanks serve Florida residents, including rural residents of Winter Haven. Lakeland Septic specializes in helping our Winter Haven customers keep their septic systems running correctly and safely. One of the main ways we do this is with septic tank pumping.

septic tank pump in Winter Haven FloridaSeptic Tank Pumping in Winter Haven

Scheduled septic pumping is a critical factor in good tank maintenance. By keeping some space in your tank, you avoid the backups, odors and other problems that are sure to happen when pumping is neglected.

For most Winter Haven homes, proper septic pumping every five years is all that’s needed to keep problems from occurring. Your schedule could differ depending on the size of your tank and your drain-usage patterns.

6 Signs Your Tank Is Too Full

If you notice any of these six signs at your Winter Haven home, it’s time to schedule septic pumping:

  1. Strong sewage odors inside your house or outside near the tank
  2. Visible sewage in drains and toilets
  3. Drains or toilets running slowly or overflowing
  4. Damp or soggy patches of land in the yard above the septic system
  5. Lush green grass growing only over the septic tank
  6. Activation of your lift station alarm

Septic Tank Pumping: How We Do It

Our work for our Winter Haven customers is done to the “Lakeland Septic Standard,” which means zero errors and no cutting corners. We do jobs right, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your septic tank and overall system are working safely, efficiently and correctly.

Our septic tank pumping process looks like this:

  • Access The Tank: First, we find the tank and make sure our crew and equipment can get to it.
  • Pump The Tank: Using commercial-grade equipment designed for septic pumping, we remove the sludge that exists inside your tank.
  • Wash The Tank: After pumping, we thoroughly wash down the surfaces of the tank.
  • Inspect The Tank: Once the tank is clean, we perform an inspection to see if there is any damage that needs to be addressed.
  • Secure The Tank: When the job is finished, we secure the tank lid with screws or mortar.

Professional septic cleaning and pumping in Winter Haven, FLHire an Experienced Team

Lakeland Septic brings 15+ years’ experience to septic tank pumping and other professional septic services. Our crews are fully trained to know how to solve problems and do the work correctly and in compliance with state and local codes.

Along with septic pumping, we provide:

  • Repair services for your tank, piping, drain field, lift station, lift station motor and other parts and components. We know how to keep your entire system in great shape.
  • Licensed septic system inspections, both on-schedule and in the event of emergencies. When your septic system is doing unusual and drastic things, the very first step is determining what the problem is and what it isn’t.

The Service You Need, When You Need It

When it’s time for expert septic tank pumping or other services in the Winter Haven, FL, area, go with the team that puts you first. Reach a septic professional by calling (863) 738-0504. You can also get in touch with our simple contact form.