Drain Field Replacement & Repair In Winter Haven, FL

If you’re having trouble with your Winter Haven drain field, Lakeland Septic is standing by with the solution. This may include drain field repair or, if the problem is extensive, partial or complete drain field replacement.

Drain field installation in Winter Haven, FLWe’ve served the Winter Haven region for more than 15 years and have seen every kind of drain field issue imaginable. On this page, we’d like to share a little about drain fields and the trouble you should watch out for.

What Is a Drain Field?

A drain field is an area of perforated piping that lies adjacent to a septic tank. The purpose of the field is to receive and process liquid effluent from the tank and then distribute it into the nearby soil. The solids remain in the tank and are pumped out by a septic company.

Drain field replacement or drain field repair often becomes necessary when the field is damaged and can no longer operate efficiently.

Reasons for Drain Field Malfunction in Winter Haven

Drain fields are among the more “vulnerable” parts of a septic system. They’re underground, but not far underground, and are easier to damage than you might think.

Typical reasons for drain field malfunction include:

  • Roots from trees and shrubbery getting into the field
  • Obstructions caused by grease and fats escaping the septic tank
  • Heavy vehicles and machinery crushing parts of the field – this regularly leads to a need for a drain field replacement
  • Heavy objects placed or constructed on top of the drain field

What to Watch for in Your Winter Haven Drain Field

Spotting early signs of drain field problems isn’t hard, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Keep an eye out for:

  • Drains in your home running slowly
  • Strong sewage odors outside near the drain field or inside your home
  • Toilets backing up or overflowing
  • Bright green grass growing only over the drain field or septic tank
  • Soggy patches of ground in the vicinity of the drain field

These signs may also point to problems with your septic tank or other parts of the system. A septic inspection will determine exactly what’s happening and whether drain field repair or drain field replacement is necessary.

Drain field installation and inspections in Winter Haven, FLDrain Field Inspections

Lakeland Septic provides licensed septic system inspections in Winter Haven, FL, to get to the bottom of the problems our customers are having. As noted above, certain signs can appear because of issues in multiple areas of your septic system, so it’s important that we know what we’re dealing with.

After we inspect your system, we’ll clearly explain what we found and give you our suggestions on the best way or ways to resolve the issue. The solution may be basic drain field repair, or we may need to do a full or partial drain field replacement.

New Drain Field Installations

If you’re building a new home in the Winter Haven region, our crew will install a top-grade septic system sized according to your needs and built correctly. All our installation work for drain fields, septic tanks, lift stations and other components complies with Florida state and local septic codes.

Call Your Winter Haven Septic Experts for Drain Field Repair & Drain Field Replacement

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