Lift Station Services In Winter Haven, FL

Homes and businesses in Winter Haven, Florida, that are built on sloped land and connected to a septic system will typically require a lift station. These motorized components push drainage from the facility to the septic tank and on to the drain field. Lift station service is needed when problems arise.

Lift station inspection, repair & installation available in Winter Haven, FLLakeland Septic repairs and replaces existing lift stations and installs new ones for newly developed properties. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years and know lift stations inside and out.

How Winter Haven Lift Stations Get Damaged

Here are some of the more common causes of damage and malfunction that require lift station service. Whatever is wrong with your lift station, we’ll explain it to you in simple language.

Failure Of The Pump: When a lift station pump fails, it can no longer push sewage in the right direction.

Heavy Stuff Above The Station: Building and construction on the ground above the lift station can result in various types of damage.

Trucks, Cars And Machinery: Anything heavy driven over the lift station can cause damage and lead to the need for lift station service and repair.

Misalignment: If the soil surrounding the lift station shifts naturally or is forcibly shifted, the station can misalign and begin to malfunction.

Old Age: Over time, even the best lift stations will wear out.

Is Your Lift Station Damaged?

There are a few signs you can watch for at your Winter Haven home or business that will tell you there’s a problem with your lift station or another part of your septic system:

  • Slow sinks and toilets
  • Strong sewage odors inside or outside the house
  • Soggy patches of ground near the septic system
  • Lush green grass above the lift station or tank

An Overview of Lift Station Service

Even the best lift stations will eventually need some level of lift station service. Our Winter Haven septic team addresses lift station problems involving the:

  • Pump motor
  • Odor-control system
  • Ventilation system
  • Pump float
  • Pump alarm
  • Main power supply
  • Control panel

After talking with you about what you’re experiencing with your lift station, we’ll perform a complete septic inspection to learn:

    1. What, exactly, is happening
    2. Where the problem is happening
    3. What caused the problem
    4. How the problem needs to be resolved
    5. Strategies to prevent the problem from happening again, if possible

Lift station pump repairs available in Winter Haven, FLLift Station Service in Winter Haven

Our lift station service is straightforward and effective. We start with a proper inspection, then report to you what we found and give our recommendations for resolving the problem. We tell you what to expect during the work in terms of how it might temporarily affect your home or business schedule. Finally, we give you an exact cost for the project.

No matter the size or scope, Lakeland Septic performs all the work ourselves, never using subcontractors. We do repair and replacement projects in strict accordance with septic and building codes mandated by the State of Florida and the City of Winter Haven.

Winter Haven FL Lift Station Service

If it’s time to have your Winter Haven lift station inspected, repaired or replaced, our team is standing by to help. Speak with a septic expert at (863) 738-0504, or get in touch with our handy contact form for speedy service and unmatched workmanship.