Septic Pumping In Plant City, FL

Throughout Florida, including Plant City, there are more than two and a half million septic systems on properties not served by traditional sewer systems. Among all those septic tanks, the ones that work the best and keep headaches away from their owners are the ones that receive regular septic pumping service.

Professional septic pumping service in Plant City, FLPlant City residents count on the fast response times and unmatched workmanship provided by Lakeland Septic. Here’s some information about septic pumping and why it’s so important.

Regular Septic Tank Pumping Keeps Sewage Out of Your Plant City Home

A septic tank that’s too full will start to back up, sending effluent through the piping and into the home. This is not only a nasty problem to experience; it also could be a dangerous one that brings health and safety risks.

Signs that you need septic tank pumping include:

  • Backed-up drains and toilets, including ones that overflow
  • Slow-moving drains throughout the home (a single slow drain could mean a problem with the plumbing that serves that drain)
  • Soggy patches of ground above the septic system
  • Lush grass and other growth only over the septic tank
  • The unmistakable smell of raw sewage in your home or outdoors near the tank
  • The lift station alarm going off

For most of our customers in the Plant City, FL, area, septic pumping is scheduled every five years. After we work with you the first time and evaluate your tank system and household drain usage, we’ll recommend the optimal schedule.

What Happens During Septic Pumping?

The crew that visits your Plant City home will be fully trained and experienced in all aspects of septic tank pumping and cleaning. Here’s what happens during a “typical” job:

  • We locate the tank and gain access to it. Depending on the tank’s location, this could mean clearing a path to get to it.
  • The sludge within the tank is pumped out with commercial-grade equipment designed specifically for septic tank pumping jobs.
  • Our crew thoroughly rinses all surfaces and sides of the tank.
  • We perform a complete septic tank inspection, looking for signs of damage within the tank structure that requires repair.
  • We replace the tank lid and seal it properly with mortar or screws.

Experience Counts

No matter what type of septic system you have or who installed it, our Plant City septic team can do all the necessary work to clean it, repair it and keep it running right.

septic tank pumping in Plant City, FLFor more than 15 years, Lakeland Septic has provided timely, experienced service for our Plant City customers, with no job being too hard and no challenge coming up that we can’t address and solve.

With every septic tank pumping project, we work to the “Lakeland Septic Standard,” which means no errors and no cutting of corners. A septic system is too important to allow for shoddy workmanship and partial solutions.

All the Services You Need

If you live in the Plant City, FL, area, Lakeland Septic is here to serve you with:

  • Professional septic tank pumping and cleaning
  • Septic system repairs, including the tank, drain field, lift station and other components
  • Licensed septic tank and septic system inspections

Is it time to have your tank cleaned or inspected? Speak with a septic pumping expert today at (863) 738-0504, or get in touch with our handy contact form.