Lift Station Service In Plant City, FL

If your Plant City home or business is on uneven property that’s not connected to a local sewer, you probably have a lift station as part of your septic system. For more than 15 years, Lakeland Septic has provided complete lift station service, including repair, replacement and installation as part of new construction.

Lift station installation, repair, and inspection available in Plant City, FLHere, we’d like to share some helpful information about lift stations.

Lift Stations 101

Drainage and sewage leaving a home or business has to be able to move efficiently through the septic system, which includes the tank and the adjacent drain field. A lift station pump is how this is accomplished when the grade of the land goes upward away from the facility.

Lift station service involves all the work necessary to keep the flow going in the right direction for our Plant City customers.

Lift Station Service Basics

Many problems can show up during the lifespan of a lift station. Lift station service includes addressing issues with the various components that make up a modern lift station, including the:

  • Pump motor
  • Ventilation system
  • Odor-control system
  • Alarm
  • Lift station float
  • Main power supply
  • Control panel

When our crew visits Plant City homes and businesses, we start with a consultation, during which you’ll describe what you’re noticing with your lift station.

We’ll then perform a thorough inspection of the lift station and septic system. We’ll also look at your land and the soil surrounding the system. A proper inspection will tell our lift station service team these four things:

  1. Where the trouble is centered
  2. Why the trouble began
  3. What will be required to fix it
  4. How, if possible, the problem can be prevented in the future

Lift station inspection, repair & installation available in Plant City FLIs Your Lift Station Damaged? Here Are Some Signs.

Drain backups

A common sign of damage to a lift station is sinks throughout the home running slowly or backing up.

Slow toilets

Toilets that flush sluggish or overflow are two more signs.

Wet ground

Damp sections of ground above or near the septic system could indicate a defective lift station.

Beautiful grass

If lush grass and foliage are growing only over the septic system, lift station service may be needed.


If you smell raw sewage inside or outside your home, your septic system needs to be looked at.

Plant City Lift Stations: How They Become Damaged

Common reasons lift stations become damaged or begin to fail and require lift station service include:

  • Mechanical pump failure
  • Heavy things built on the ground above the lift station
  • Shifting soil around the station that causes misalignment
  • Vehicles and machinery being driven over the lift station
  • Old age

New lift station pump installations in Plant City, FLBefore We Begin Work for Our Plant City Customers

The licensed crew at Lakeland Septic wants you to understand the scope of any problems that require lift station service. Before starting work, we’ll explain exactly why the work needs to be done. We’ll also go over how the repair or replacement process might affect your daily schedule. Finally, we’ll tell you the specific cost of the job.

When we do any work on your septic system, it will be completed according to all Florida state and Plant City septic codes. We do projects right the first time and perform all work ourselves – we never use subcontractors.

Lift Station Service in Plant City FL

Is it time to have your lift station looked at? Call (863) 738-0504, or get in touch with our contact form to inquire about lift station repairs, replacement or installation for a new property.