Drain Field Replacement In Plant City, FL

As one of the more “fragile” parts of your Plant City septic system, the drain field is pretty easy to damage and periodically requires repair work. At one point in its lifespan, drain field replacement will probably be necessary. Lakeland Septic is here to help with all your septic needs.

Drain Field Installation and repairs in Plant City, FLPlant City Drain Fields 101

Waste from a home’s toilets and sinks goes to the septic tank, where bacteria get to work processing it. Liquids and solids are separated, and the solids remain in the tank to be pumped out by a septic team. The liquids move on to an adjacent series of perforated pipes known as the drain field and are eventually delivered into the local soil.

It’s a simple and quite ingenious operation, and it works great for our Plant City customers – until something goes wrong.

What Can Go Wrong with a Drain Field?

Lakeland Septic provides drain field replacement and drain field repair service throughout the Plant City, FL, region. We’ve seen all kinds of situations that cause fields to malfunction and start causing problems for the homeowners.

Several things can harm a drain field to the extent that drain field replacement or repair is needed:

  • Heavy trucks and machinery driving over the drain field, crushing or breaking parts of it
  • Extra-heavy objects built or placed on top of the field
  • Invading roots from trees and shrubs
  • Excess grease and fats that have escaped the septic tank and are clogging up the drain field

Signs Your Drain Field Needs Attention

Here are some typical signs that drain field repair or drain field replacement may be needed:

  • Strong sewage odors outdoors near the drain field or inside your home
  • Damp patches of ground in the vicinity of the drain field
  • Brilliant grass and foliage growing above the drain field
  • Slow drains throughout the home
  • Toilets and sinks that overflow

If you’re experiencing any of these signs at your Plant City home, keep in mind that they’re not always indicators of drain field issues. They may stem from problems with the septic tank or other parts of the system.

Drain Field Inspections Plant City FL

The way to address septic issues is to start with an inspection. If the problem is in the drain field, some repair work may solve the problem without needing a complete or partial drain field replacement. We’ll tell you exactly what’s happening and suggest the quickest and most cost-efficient way to fix it.

septic drain field installation in Plant City, FLNew Drain Field Installations

Along with drain field replacement and a complete menu of drain field repair services, the Lakeland Septic team specializes in installing first-time drain fields for newly developed properties. We’ll install your entire septic system to serve you safely and efficiently, year after year.

All our work on drain fields and septic systems is done in strict compliance with State of Florida and local septic code requirements. When we do septic, we do it right the first time.

Call for Drain Field Replacement & More

If your Plant City drain field is acting up, call the professionals for a quick solution. Reach a septic expert at (863) 738-0504, or get in touch with our handy contact form.