What to Expect with Septic Tank Cleaning

If you’re new to using a septic system, you might be wondering exactly what happens during a proper septic tank cleaning. Lakeland Septic of Lakeland, FL, would like to explain a little about this important septic maintenance task.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Service in Polk City FlSeptic systems in a nutshell

You may already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to review. A septic system is designed to receive waste from your home’s toilets, sinks and tubs and then process it. The septic tank fills with all the waste and sends the liquid onto the adjacent drain field. Bacteria exist within the tank to eat away some of the waste solids. Still, over time, solids will build up to the point where the tank must be pumped out. Every three to five years is about average for most residential septic tank cleanings.

Phases of a septic tank cleaning

Professional septic tank cleaning involves at least four phases.

1. Removal of solids from the tank

We use high-powered commercial vacuum systems to thoroughly remove sludge from your septic tank. The Lakeland Septic standard is to remove every bit of waste possible.

2. Cleaning the lines that lead to the drain field

Our crew will clean out the lines that deliver waste liquids to the drain field from the septic tank. If these lines become obstructed, the septic tank can’t empty, which will lead to a variety of problems (see below).

3. Filter cleaning

Your septic system has a grease trap, and it may have an effluent filter. Both of these components are in place to ensure that your system runs efficiently. Our crews will correctly clean the grease trap and effluent filter.

4. Visual inspection

When we pump our customers’ septic tanks, we watch for anything that seems unusual. This could mean broken parts, worn-out components or some kind of obvious trouble with the operation of the system.

Routine septic inspections can save you thousands of dollars by alerting you to minor trouble before it becomes major. Our team will clearly explain the issues we discover at the time of the cleaning.

Signs that your septic tank needs to be cleaned

When you work with Lakeland Septic, we’ll get you on a proper tank cleaning schedule. This will keep a number of problems from happening. However, sometimes things go wrong somewhere in the system, and trouble occurs.
Watch for these signs of a backed-up septic tank:

• Foul odors in the air around the septic system
• Damp sections of ground over or around the septic system
• Super-lush grass growing only in the area of the tank or drain field
• Multiple slow drains inside your home (a single slow drain usually means a problem with that drain only)
• Slow or overflowing toilets
• Sewage odors in the house

These and other common signs of a septic malfunction can point to a tank that needs pumping. They can also point to problems in other areas of your system. If you notice any of these signs, the first step is to schedule an inspection to find out exactly what’s going on.

Professional Septic Tank Cleaning Company in Lakeland FLThe help your septic system needs

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