Residential Septic Inspection

Are you looking at purchasing a home or a property with a septic system?  It’s important to know the condition of the system and how well it’s working before you buy.  In addition to our standard septic inspection procedures, we also perform a stress test on the septic system using a gallons meter.  We test the system with the proper amount of water that the home would normally use.  This gives us a much better indication as to the health of the system. Many of our competitors do not offer this additional inspection procedure.

Always Get The Septic System Inspected

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One of the worst phone calls we receive is from a new homeowner who says “my realtor told me the home was on sewer!” or “the previous homeowner told me the tank was just pumped!”. You should always have your own inspection performed. No matter what the previous owner says, a thorough inspection can catch several things before they cause a problem or even uncover something that could save you thousands down the road. Move into that new home with a peace of mind that you got your system inspected by Lakeland Septic Company.

What is involved in a septic inspection?

  • We pump the septic tank completely to better inspect the floors and walls.
  • We locate and size the tank and drain field.
  • If the system is equipped with an effluent filter, we will clean it.
  • We run a stress test on the drain field using a meter so that we can watch how the system takes water.
  • We provide a written report of our findings.
  • As always, we educate you on the components of your septic system, the location, and the do’s and don’ts