Drain Field Replacement & Repair In Haines City, FL

Septic system drain fields are vulnerable to damage, which can cause malfunction and major headaches for the property owner. Throughout Haines City, FL, Lakeland Septic has provided expert drain field repair and drain field replacements for more than 15 years.

Drain field installation, repairs and more in Haines CIty, FLHere are some things you’ll want to know about your Haines City drain field.

Drain Field Overview

Your septic tank receives waste from your home. Inside the tank, liquids and solids are separated. The solids are pumped out by your septic company. The liquids move on to the adjacent drain field, which is a series of perforated pipes, where they are processed and sent into area soil.

It’s a great system for our Haines City customers – until problems arise. When this happens, the Lakeland Septic team is standing by to help.

Drain Field Trouble in Haines City

Drain fields can be damaged in several ways, causing liquid sewage to leak up into the ground surface and backups to occur within the septic system.

Here are some common ways a field can be damaged and signal a need for drain field replacement or drain field repair:

  • Heavy vehicles and machinery crushing parts of the field – this is often a reason why drain field replacement is required
  • Large, heavy objects placed or built on top of the drain field
  • Roots from area trees and shrubbery moving into the field and damaging it
  • Grease escaping the septic tank and causing obstructions in the drain field

What to Watch for with Your Haines City Drain Field

Watch for these clues that may signal the need for drain field repair or drain field replacement:

  • Wet patches of grass above or near the drain field
  • Lush green grass or other growth in the area of the drain field or septic tank
  • Foul odors in the air around the drain field
  • Overflowing sinks and toilets in the home
  • Slow drains throughout the house

Note that these clues may also point to trouble in other parts of your septic system. Only a licensed septic inspection can tell you exactly what’s going on.

Haines City Drain Field Inspections

Lakeland Septic will inspect your drain field and septic system any time you notice something unusual happening. We’ll quickly determine exactly where the problem lies and tell you the best way to resolve it. In the worst-case scenario, a complete drain field replacement might be necessary; in other cases, drain field repair work will solve the problem.

New drain field installation in Haines City, FLNew Drain Field Installations

Are you building a new home? Our experienced crew specializes in the installation of first-time drain fields as part of top-grade septic systems. We’ll customize the system for your specific needs, performing all work in strict accordance with Florida state and local septic codes. We do septic projects right the first time.

Call for Drain Field Replacement & Drain Field Repair

If you’re having trouble with your Haines City drain field or other parts of your septic system, Lakeland Septic offers fast responses and exceptional workmanship on repair and replacement projects. Reach a septic expert at (863) 738-0504, or get in touch with our handy contact form.