4 Things to Expect from Your Septic Tank Installation Team

Having a new septic tank installed or replacing an old one is a serious job. In both cases, it’s important to have the work done right so you can avoid the many problems that happen when septic systems fail. Lakeland Septic Company of Lakeland, FL, would like to outline four parts of a professional septic system installation.

Professional Septic Tank Installations in Auburndale FL1. Septic tank installation is a job for professionals

There are plenty of horror stories about what happened when someone tried to install their own septic tank or hired a general “handyman” to do the work. If you live in Hillsborough or Polk counties in Florida, the Lakeland Septic crew is here to do the job right the first time. Our team is highly trained in all aspects of septic tank installation and service. We’ve performed successful installations in just about every scenario you can imagine over the past 15+ years. If you live outside our service area, make sure you hire only a licensed, experienced septic provider. Never attempt to do the job yourself.

2. The lay of the land

The location of the new septic tank is an important part of the installation. Our crew tests the soil and land grade, and we take into account vegetation growing in the installation area we’re considering. We want to ensure that there will be a simple and logical drainage flow from your home to the tank. We also want to place the tank in an area that won’t receive heavy traffic and where invading roots aren’t present. Finally, we will keep in mind that your septic system will need maintenance and possibly repairs in the future. For this reason, we’ll make sure that the tank is installed in a place that can be accessed by workers.

3. The tank size and capacity

When preparing for a septic tank installation, we’ll evaluate the size of your home, the number of people living in it and how much you use your drains. This will allow us to recommend the optimal septic tank size.
A tank that’s too small will need more frequent pumping and might back up from time to time. When this happens, your sinks and toilets can slow down or bring up sludge. The air inside and outside your home can start to smell. Your lawn can have damp patches due to leakage. And the worst: your septic system can wind up damaged and needing serious repairs. On the other hand, a tank that’s too large is a waste of money.

4. Code requirements

Another reason to hire professional septic installers is to make sure that state and local codes are adhered to during the job. Doing everything according to code is a big part of our work.

The average homeowner or general laborer will not know these codes. When septic tank installation is performed in violation of codes, the result could be heavy fines and having to do the installation again.

Professional Septic Tank Installations in Auburndale FLThe right septic installation for your property

If it’s time to add a new septic system to your property or replace an old one, Lakeland Septic is standing by to help. We serve Lakeland FL, Winter Haven FL, Auburndale FL, Polk City FL, Bartow FL, and other communities in Polk County and Hillsboro County. Speak with a septic expert at (863) 738-0504 or reach out with our simple contact form.