What Is a Lift Station Pump?

Florida has more than 2.6 million installed septic systems. Quite a few of these are installed in areas higher than the homes they serve. You don’t need to be an engineer to know that waste can’t flow uphill on its own. So what’s the solution? It’s called a lift station pump. Lakeland Septic Company of Lakeland, FL, would like to tell you a little about these valuable septic system components and what can happen when they fail.

Lift station installation in Auburndale FLAbout lift station pumps

In simple terms, a lift station pump is a device that pumps liquid sewage from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. This usually means from your home to your septic tank and then on to the drain field, where liquid sewage is processed and sent to the adjacent ground.

Without a lift station, septic installation on certain properties would be extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly. Major leveling excavation would be required – and even then, the system might not work optimally. A lift station pump lets you avoid this hassle.

Lift station pumps activate automatically when sewage in the tank has reached a certain level. There is also an alarm that alerts when there is a problem. These safeguards help to ensure that the tank doesn’t become overfilled and start backing up into the home’s drainage lines. If the pump system is well-made and installed properly, it should serve you for up to 25 years.

Signs that there’s a problem with your lift station

The key to a quality septic system is flow. As long as everything flows as it should, life is good. When a lift station pump fails, life is quickly not good. Common signs of a lift station problem include:

• Wet patches of ground above or near the septic system
• Rotten odors in the air outside or inside your home
• Toilets that don’t flush well
• Slow sink and shower drains
• Signs of backed-up sludge in sinks or tubs

It’s important to note that the above signs could also point to a damaged septic tank, an issue with the drain field or simply an overfilled tank.

Septic system inspection

If you suspect a problem with your lift station, our trained technicians will take a look at it and report their findings. It may be something simple, but it also may be a major issue that needs rapid repair. We’re able to handle any type of repair or replacement work.

Along with lift station pump inspections, it’s a smart idea to schedule regular inspections of your entire septic system. We can spot early signs of issues with your septic tank, grease trap, piping, drain field and other parts and components. The sooner we learn of these issues, the faster we can get them fixed.

Lift station alarm solutions in Lakeland FLKeep your lift station going strong

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