The Impact of Seasonal Changes on Your Drain field 

A running joke in the Lakeland area is that there are only two seasons: Summer and Fall. While there is some truth in that old joke, the changing of seasons in Central Florida can affect your septic tank. You should be aware of the impact of seasonal changes on your drain field and what it can mean for your family and home.

drainfield flooding in lakeland FLSpring Showers Bring Floods

We have a long dry season in central Florida that lasts from the middle of October until April. We have a lot of rain once the weather starts to warm up. Why is that important? Because too much water in the ground can have an adverse effect on your septic tank’s drain field. A waterlogged septic system means your toilets will flush slowly or even back up. To be ready for the fall deluge, make sure to have your septic tank serviced by a qualified Septic Service. You can also divert water away from your septic tank. If all that water coming off your roof and down those spouts is pointed at your septic tank or drain fields, then you can bet on a backup occurring.

The Root of Summer Septic Tank Issues

We may struggle to deal with hot summer weather, but the plants in our yards love it. If trees or shrubs are located near your septic tank or drain fields, their roots will become invasive. All the waste that is flushed down your toilet will be stopped by roots in pipes or drainfields. Cut down any trees over or near your septic tank; the same goes for shrubbery. If the roots have already become invasive, you will have to use a qualified septic service to root them out (pardon the pun).

Fall Back on Getting Ready for Winter

Your focus in the Fall should be getting your septic system ready for winter weather and increased use by holiday guests. If your septic tank isn’t prepared for either, you will have a mess (quite literally) on your hands. Winter will also bring occasional freezes, which can damage your septic system. Fall is crucial to have your septic tank inspected and repaired if needed. Putting off having your septic tank serviced could lead to some very upset Thanksgiving guests when the toilets don’t work and a leaking septic tank if any cracks are present that could grow due to expansion and contraction caused by the freeze-thaw cycle.

septic system inspections in Winter Haven FLThe Winter of Your Septic System’s Discontent

Yes, even in Lakeland, hard freezes happen. As previously stated, if you haven’t had your septic system inspected in the fall, and there are cracks somewhere in it, chances are those cracks will expand, and you could have raw sewage invading your well water. No one wants feces, traces or not, in the water they drink and bathe with. Be sure to have your septic system inspected before the advent of winter.

We Can Prepare Your Drainfields for All Seasons

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