What Is a Perc Test and Why Do You Need One?

Are you in the process of buying a new property, commercial or residential, that will require a septic tank in the Lakeland area? The soil in Central Florida can be tricky when it comes to drainage. Some soil is sandy and absorbs moisture quickly and efficiently, while other regions have clay-like soil where water will pond for days at a time. How do you know what type of soil your building project has? It is simple, a perc test. What is a perc test, and why do you need one? Well, we have already touched on the why but let’s dig deeper (pardon the pun) and find out about the how.

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What is a Perc Test?

A perc test (short for percolation) is a procedure used to determine the capacity of an area’s soil to absorb water. The test is essential for evaluating if a site is suitable for installing a septic system. The point of a perc test is to assess how quickly water drains through the soil, which helps determine whether the land can handle the treatment and disposal of wastewater from a septic system.

Who Can Perform a Perc Test?

Perc tests should be conducted by qualified professionals, typically licensed engineers, soil scientists, or septic system contractors. These experts have the required training, experience, and equipment to perform the test and interpret the results accurately. In Polk County, it is required that a registered septic service or licensed plumbers can perform a perc test. 

When is the Best Time for a Perc Test?

The best time to conduct a perc test is during the drier months of the year when the water table is at its lowest, typically November through May in Central Florida. Testing during dry conditions provides a more accurate measure of soil performance under typical conditions. Conducting the test during wet periods, such as after heavy rains, can lead to flawed results since saturated soil may not accurately reflect actual absorption rates.

Why Hire a Qualified Septic Service?

While it might be tempting to conduct a perc test yourself to save money, but we have already established a registered professional must undertake the perc test. Here are additional benefits of using a qualified septic service:

  • Expertise and Accuracy- Professionals have the knowledge and experience to perform the test and interpret the results correctly.
  • Proper Equipment- Qualified septic services have the right tools and equipment to carry out the test efficiently and accurately.
  • Complete Evaluation- Professionals can provide a detailed site assessment, considering factors beyond soil absorption, such as site layout and potential environmental impacts.

What is a Perc Test Report?

A perc test report is a detailed document outlining the percolation test results. This report typically includes:

  • A Description of the site- Information about the location, soil type, and existing conditions.
  • Test Procedures- Details of how the test was conducted, including the number of test holes, depths, and locations.
  • Results- Data on the water absorption rate for each test hole, usually measured in minutes per inch (MPI).
  • Interpretation- An analysis of the results, indicating whether the site is suitable for a septic system and, if so, what type of system is recommended.
  • Recommendations- Suggestions for site preparation, system design, and any necessary soil modifications or additional tests.

septic tank repairs in lakeland FLIn Short

A perc test is critical in installing a septic system, ensuring that the soil can adequately absorb and treat wastewater. Hiring a qualified septic service to perform the test not only guarantees compliance with Polk County regulations but also ensures the accuracy and reliability of the results. The detailed report provided by professionals will guide you in making informed decisions about your septic system installation, contributing to your property’s long-term success and sustainability.

By understanding the importance of perc tests and the benefits of professional assistance, homeowners and commercial property owners alike can confidently navigate the process and ensure their property is equipped with an effective and compliant septic system.

We Can Perform Your Perc Test

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