The Basics of Lift Station Maintenance 

Lift stations are an integral part of a septic system where the septic tank is too deep for sewage to make it to the drain field on its own. You can imagine the mess and chaos sewage not leaving a septic tank could inflict. A lift station pumps the sewage from the septic tank, so you don’t have a septic system emergency. It pumps the sewage from the lower depths of your yard to a higher level so that your septic system can perform at optimal levels. You can see why a lift station is vital to a septic system in Central Florida, where the ground is often uneven. With that idea in mind, here are the basics of lift station maintenance. 

lift station service and repairs in Winter Haven FLWhat Happens When a Lift System Malfunctions?

Performing regular maintenance on a septic lift system is the best way to prevent a breakdown. Here is what will happen if you don’t have your septic system regularly serviced. 

Waste Buildup

If you don’t move the sewage out of your septic tank, it will become full quickly. Once your septic tank is full the waste only has one way to go, your home. There will be overflows and backups in your sinks, showers, and toilets.

An Awful Smell

When septic systems back up the smell is overpowering and can force you to leave your home.

Contaminated Groundwater

If the waste in your septic tank can’t reach the drain fields, it may seep into the groundwater and contaminate surrounding wells.

Property Damage

Sewage flowing into your home can cost thousands of dollars to clean up and repair damage.

What are the Steps in Lift Station Maintenance?

Looking Over the Lift Station

A septic expert can spot issues like obstructions and buildups.


An impeller pushes wastewater through the system. If it is clogged, the lift station can’t operate at maximum efficiency and may not work at all.


Check valves need to be inspected and then greased to be sure they stay in good working order.

Wet Wells

A wet well’s job is to hold sewage flowing in. In order to prevent damage or failure, the wet wells should be pumped out and cleaned to remove buildup.

Septic pumping in lakeland flAlarm Systems

An alarm will sound if you have an unsafe level in a wet well. If you don’t have a working alarm, you could end up with a disgusting mess.


A septic expert will check that the electrical components are all in good shape so the lift station can continue functioning.

Collection System Pipes

For proper flow in collection system pipes, they must be clear of blockages. A septic service will clean out the pipes to remove any obstructions and prevent future headaches.

Lakeland Septic Can Service Your Lift Station

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