Common Septic System Odor Issues 

Next to a septic tank backing up into your toilet and drains, the worst issue is common septic system odor issues. Overpowering smells can infiltrate your home like an unwelcome visitor. In some cases, the smells can be so strong it makes it difficult to live in those conditions. Not only are septic system odors unpleasant, but they can be toxic and put your family’s and pet’s health at risk. So, how do you deal with septic system odors in your home? Let’s investigate.

Septic inspection and pumping in lakeland FLWhat Causes Septic System Odor Issues?

The causes of odors from your septic system range from the simple to the complex. Here are a few of the most frequent reasons for septic system odors.

Clogged Drains and Pipes

This issue makes sense when your septic system backs up from a clog; there is inevitably a horrific smell that will increase your air freshener budget exponentially. 


Like a clog, and possibly caused by one, leakages let sewage and dirty water into your home, causing an awful smell.


The first thing you think of when you have a septic odor issue is not bacteria, but it can be a significant factor in causing foul smells from your septic system. One of the most common smells caused by bacteria is a rotten egg smell, which is created by hydrogen sulfide.

Inadequate Ventilation

With poor venting, there is nowhere for foul-smelling gasses to go but into your home.

Infrequent Maintenance

If your septic tank isn’t pumped regularly, then solid masses can clog your septic system and lead to backups that produce a horrible smell.

foul odor coming from septic in auburndale FLWhat’s the Solution to Septic System Odors

The solution to eliminating odors from your septic system is as basic as the causes themselves. Hire a qualified and experienced septic service to inspect and repair your septic system. Here are some of the things they can do for you.

Perform Regular Maintenance and Plumbing

Prevention is the best way to keep foul septic system odors at bay. It’s vital that you schedule regular maintenance for your septic system, such as pumping to eliminate solids that can cause unpleasant odors.

Inspecting for Leaks

If your septic system has a crack in it somewhere, it will allow smells to escape. A septic service will inspect your system in order to locate and repair any leaks.

Inspecting for Ventilation

A septic service will check to ensure that your septic system has proper ventilation to allow foul odors to escape.

Installing Odor Filters

A septic service can install carbon filters in your septic system to prevent foul odors from escaping your septic system.

If You’re Having Septic System Odor Issues, Contact Lakeland Septic 

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