Ways to Restore Your Drainfield 

You may not have thought about your septic tank in years but taking it for granted is a mistake. You may have thought even less about your septic tanks drainfield, but then your toilets start to back up due to issues with the drainfield. If that happens, you will be forced to think about it. Does that scenario sound familiar? If so, here are ways to restore your drainfield.

septic pumping in Winter Haven FLRepairing the Drainfield

Here are some things that we at Lakeland Septic can do to fix your drainfield:

Pumping Your Septic Tank

Before any corrective action is taken with the drainfield, a qualified septic service will ensure that your septic tank is pumped out. This action reduces the amount of solid waste overflowing into the drainfield.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

This method involves the septic service sending a high-pressure jet of water through the pipes in your drainfield. It can help break up and clear out any blockages or biomass (a layer of organic material) that has formed over the years.


Just as lawns can benefit from aeration, so too can drain fields. When a septic service inserts hollow tubes into the drainfield and extracts them, it will introduce air to the soil. Aeration will help to break up compacted soil and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Replace Soil

If the soil in your drainfield has become overly saturated with wastewater, your septic service will replace it with fresh soil. By replacing bad soil, it will help restore proper drainage and prolong the life of your septic system.


If a particular section of your drainfield has failed, it can be given a break by redirecting wastewater to a different section. Re-routing is simple but time-consuming; it involves the installation of new trenches or distribution lines.

Install a French Drain

Sometimes, surface water can exacerbate drainage issues. Your septic service can install a French drain to divert surface water away from your drainfield. This method is time proven and very effective.

Expand the Drainfield

If your household has grown since your septic system was installed, it might be worth expanding the drainfield. A good septic service will add more trenches or a new bed.

septic tank drainage field in lakeland, FL

Prevention is Key

While a licensed and insured septic service can help restore a failing drainfield, the best approach is always prevention. Regularly pump and inspect your septic tank, use water efficiently, and be careful about what you flush or pour down the drain. With proper care and maintenance, your septic system and its drainfield can serve you efficiently for many years, saving you money in the long run.

Trust Lakeland Septic to Fix Your Septic Tank’s Drainfield

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