Septic inspections

Lakeland Florida Septic Inspections

While it’s not always required when you purchase a home it is very important to have a real estate septic inspection done before you buy.

Many homebuyers either do not know they have a septic system or they think it will be fine. Sometimes the sellers state that they just had the tank pumped or that they have never had issues. No matter the case, you should always have the septic system inspected by a septic professional. Know before you buy!

Why should you get a septic inspection?

Having a thorough inspection done when buying a home in Lakeland, Fl can uncover many issues that you maybe wouldn’t find for years down the road, but by then the cost is on you. Here are some problems we can find by doing an inspection.

  • Drain field issues: Specific issues such as insufficient drain field size, damage to the field, failure of the system all together. These things could all lead to you having to have the drain field replaced down the road. You want to make sue that the home you’re moving into will have a drain field suitable for your family.
  • Septic tank damage: We can detect structural damage in the tank, make sure the tank is up to current code and the correct size, and that it has a secure and safe lid.
  • Where the system is located: Knowing where the system is is important, you want to know where it is so you do not damage it in any way. This one is not only for new home buyers, this can also be a smart thing to do for your current home.

Lakeland Septic Company is qualified to perform your septic inspection and get you on the right start in your new home. We give video inspection of the drain field lines free of charge for the ultimate peace of mind. Call today to schedule your inspection.


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