Concrete vs Poly Septic Tank

Which is better a concrete or poly septic tank?

Concrete septic tank Lakeland Septic Company

Much like anything, it all depends on who you ask and what their preference is. Lucky for you you came to the right place, because we are completely in the middle the great septic tank debate.

A lot of septic guys say that concrete is the only way to go and that poly is junk and blah blah. But the truth is it’s all in the quality of what they are putting in the ground and the quality of the installation.

New septic tank in Florida

Of course I can only speak on what I have experience in, and that’s installing new septic tanks in Florida. A large percent of the jobs we do are tight lots that don’t allow access for a tank truck to get in and set a concrete tank. Therefore we install a lot of poly tanks! We personally love the infiltrator tanks. They are strong and built very well. We have installed hundreds and never had a single issue with them.

Cons of a poly septic tank

Infiltrator Poly tank install Lakeland Septic Company

We use the tank you see tank you see in the picture to the right. However we have seen seen numerous bad poly tanks made by different manufacturers.

What goes wrong with poly tanks?

The biggest issue we see with them is they deform from the weight of the dirt. There are some poly septic tanks on the market that do not have bracing inside and they are made of weak material and will deform and can cause a number of problems when this happens.

That doesn’t mean that you should fear a poly tank or let anyone tell you they are junk. I’m here to tell you they aren’t any worse than a concrete tank. Have it installed by a reputable contractor and make sure it’s a good brand of tank and you have nothing to worry about at all.

Really the more I think about it I totally prefer a poly infiltrator tank over a concrete tank.

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