Drain Field Failure Signs

Having drain field trouble in Lakeland, FL?

There can be many different signs of drain field failure. Knowing what they are could prevent a huge mess and inconvenience in your life.

First let’s start off by telling you that the most effective way to keep a gauge on the way your drain field is operating is by having your septic tank cleaned every 3-5 years. Doing this will allow a septic professional to evaluate how your septic system is working and if there is anything going on that could cause a failure.

Signs of a failing drain field

  • Toilets bubbling: If your toilets suddenly start to bubble this usually means that your tank is completely full.
  • Soggy spot in your yard or around the tank
  • Having to pump your tank more often than you should is a sign of failure.

Reasons a drain field fails

There are a number of reasons a drain field might fail. The age of the system is always a key factor. The amount of water you use is also a big factor as well. If you are using more than the drain field is designed for it will eventually cause damage. Driving on the system could also cause damage to it .

If you need a drain field repair and need it evaluated call or E-mail us today.

For more information visit the Florida Department of Health here

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